6 tips to find your new signature scent

6 tips to find your new signature scent


Deciding you want to breathe new life into the way you look and feel is something you should be proud of. It sets you free to be the person you want to be, allows you to turn heads wherever you go, and generally just makes you feel good about life.


That’s why to help make it happen we’ve put pen to paper on our top 6 tips on how to find your new signature scent. Enjoy!


Take a look in the mirror

You want your scent to match the outfits you wear and the look you’re debuting to the world. Remind yourself of what you’re trying to achieve: elegant, chic, smart, casual, etc and then go out there and make it happen.


Don’t stand on the sidelines

It used to be that when you were shopping for a signature scent you’d have to use samples in the store, or make the jump and buy the full bottle. We know that approach puts pressure on you and leaves many of you stuck on the sidelines, so we do things differently. Treat yourself to the scent samples that catch your eye, try them out in the comfort of your own home, and then take it from there.


Decide if you want to follow the crowd

There are a few perfumes and fragrances that everyone seems to have worn over the years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t broaden your horizons. Whether you want an iconic name or something completely new and exciting, we’ll send it direct to your door whenever you want it.


Celebrate who you are

You are you, not anyone else — remember that. The great thing about having this at the front of your mind during your search is that it sets you free to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. If you find a unique little scent that none of your friends are wearing, who cares if it’s exactly what you had in mind?


Try different scents for different events

Keeping it casual, dressing to impress and just turning on the style are all occasions when a dedicated scent might just bring everything together the right way. The truth is that you just won’t know unless you try.


Be kind to yourself

Last but not least, be kind. If you don’t find the scent sample you want at first, it really doesn’t matter. Take your time, stay true to yourself and you’ll find the perfect signature scent before you know it.

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